Chantenay carrots Grown by Neil & Gary Farley at Cullompton, Devon

£1.95 / 750g


Chantenay carrots are a small, squat and outstandingly sweet heirloom variety. They were first developed in the Chantenay region of France in the nineteenth century, but fell out of popularity in the 1960s; a little tricky to grow, they didn’t fit with the shift towards ever-more-intensive agriculture. Thankfully, they’re seeing a much-deserved renaissance! Enjoyed their superbly sweet crunch raw, or cook to deepen and enhance their flavour.

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How to prepare

The best way to accentuate carrots’ natural sweetness is to keep them away from water. Try roasting or braising, or add them to a stir-fry to preserve their fresh crunch. Roast carrots can be pepped up with flavourings: add spices such as fennel seeds, cinnamon, cumin; robust fresh herbs like thyme and rosemary; or a little sugar or honey towards the end of cooking.


Keep in the fridge.

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