Broad beans

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An early season crop from Spain to provide some welcome beany greenery ahead of the homegrown season. When very young and fresh, they’re good raw in salads with shavings of parmesan. Also whizz with olive oil and garlic into a dip, toss into pasta dishes, risottos and or serve as a simple side.

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Country of origin

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  • Spain

UK Seasonality

The smell of them makes my heart skip a beat
- Guy Singh-Watson

How to prepare

To get to the beans, split open the pod with your nail, as you would to pod peas. The smallest, youngest beans definitely need only the outer pod removing before cooking. You could ‘double-pod’ larger ones. After boiling, refresh in cold water, then pinch off the skins to reveal the bright green beans inside. It isn’t essential, but if you haven’t eaten broad beans like this before, they will be a revelation. If you’re wondering what to do with broad bean pods, you can compost them, or if they’re tender, boil and purée them.

For 250g podded broad beans, you will need around 750g whole beans. Mixed with other ingredients, such as in a pasta or rice dish, 200-300g podded beans should be enough for two to four people.

When very young and fingernail-sized, they can be good raw in salads, perhaps with a shaving of Parmesan. From then on it’s best to cook them, tossing into pasta dishes and risottos, or serving as a simple side.


Broad beans keep well in their pods in the salad drawer at the bottom of the fridge. They should stay fresh for a week, even if the pods wilt a little.

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