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Crunch into a Riverford carrot and discover how good they taste!.

UK Seasonality

Homegrown carrots are harvested in early summer as new season bunched carrots with their tops on. We can carry on harvesting until November and then store the main varieties to see you through winter and into spring. Later in the spring we may supply carrots from our Italian growers.

How to prepare

Boil or steam in 5-10 mins. But our top tip is to avoid cooking them in water. Instead, roast them to bring out their sweet flavour, or stir fry to keep their pleasing crunch. Really fresh bunched carrots are best raw or very lightly cooked.


Carrots keep for several weeks in a paper bag on a cool veg rack. If you have new season bunched carrots with their tops attached, twist off the tops before storing, as they draw moisture away from the carrot.

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