Green Batavia / Oakleaf lettuce Grown by Riverford's Devon Polytunnels at Buckfastleigh, Devon


Our seasonal lettuce this week is Green Batavia or Oakleaf

This week we're sending out either Batavia or Oakleaf lettuces.

Batavia: the most common lettuce in France, can be red or green. It has an earthy flavour and a slight crunch to the leaves; they will stand up to a punchy acidic dressing without much wilting. The inner leaves are milder and sweeter, but the dark outer leaves are richer in vitamins and minerals.

Green oakleaf: True to its name, the long, lobed leaves of this lettuce look like large oak leaves. They are either apple green, or green at the base of the leaf turning deep ruby towards the edges. Not just a looker, Oakleaf lettuce has a buttery texture and a sweet, mellow flavour with just a hint of nuttiness, making it a perfect match for savoury dressings.


Country of origin

Produced in
  • The UK

UK Seasonality


How to prepare

A good salad is all about balancing a variety of leaves with the right dressing. The basic ratio for a vinaigrette is 3 parts oil to 1 part vinegar. Add mustard, garlic, and salt and pepper to taste.


Store in the bottom of the fridge - best eaten as fresh as possible. Whole leaves attached to the lettuce last twice as long as chopped, washed leaves. Delivered from our farm, so wash before eating.


Our lettuces are sold as class 2. This means that they might not look cosmetically perfect, but they are grown for the very best flavour. (We have to tell you this to satisfy some EU rules).

  • Grown by Riverford's Devon Polytunnels, Buckfastleigh, Devon

    Riverford on Wash Farm is our Devon home, and has been for over 30 years. As well as growing lots of veg outdoors in the fields, we have several acres of polytunnels. Protected from the weather, we grow summery treats such as cherry tomatoes, award-winning mini cucumbers, fresh basil, lots of colourful chilli peppers, and more.

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