Oregano Made by Riverford on Upper Norton Farm at Hampshire

£1.95 / 30g


We grow some of our herbs here in Devon or at our Upper Norton Farm in Hampshire but for more variety we turn to the expert. Simon Weir has grown herbs at Turf Croft Farm in the New Forest for almost 30 years. He has always avoided using chemicals and pesticides and has recently become organically certified.

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Keep in a bag in the fridge for maximum freshness.

  • Grown by Riverford on Upper Norton Farm, Hampshire

    Riverford on Upper Norton Farm is our home in Hampshire. It’s a tiny farm – just half an acre of polytunnels, farmed by two permanent staff, with a bit of extra help in summer – but phenomenally productive. We rely on them for succulent organic salads and aromatics across the year: from Butterhead lettuce and pak choi, to chillies, chives, fresh herbs and more.

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