Lemongrass Made by Premium Organics co-operative at Leioa, Spain

£2.00 / 2 pack


The fragrant, citrus zing of our organic lemongrass livens and lifts. It’s one of the keystones of Asian cooking. Give each stalk a bash then throw them into curries, soups and sauces to infuse like a teabag. Slice thinly, fry until golden and toss in salads. Or whizz in a blender as part of a lemony curry paste.

Country of origin

Produced in
  • Spain
Curry pastes abound, but there's nothing like the fresh, zesty fragrance of making your own
- Riverford cooks

How to prepare

Give each stalk a bash with the flat side of your knife to split the bulb open, releasing the aromatic oils, then chuck them straight into curries, soups and sauces to infuse like a teabag. Just make sure to fish the sticks out before serving! Alternatively, whizz them up in a blender with other ingredients for a homemade curry paste. For inspiration, have a look at our recipes for red thai curry paste and green thai curry paste.


Keep in a bag in the fridge for maximum freshness. Good for freezing, too, if you want to stock up.

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