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One of the most familiar chilli varieties: mild, glossy green Jalapeños, ripened under the Spanish sun. Jalapeño is Spanish for ‘from Xalapa’, the Mexican city where the peppers were first cultivated as far back as the Aztecs. It’s remained a firm favourite ever since: a bit chunkier than some other chillis, and with a mild glow of heat that will liven up all number of dishes.

Country of origin

Grown in
  • Spain

How to prepare

Use Jalapeño peppers in any sauce or salsa where you’d normally use a green chilli. They are also mild enough to be eaten whole: stuffed with cheese and roasted until oozing, or pickled and added as a hot, tangy finishing touch to everything from pizza to tacos.


Delivered fresh from the farm so wash before eating. Keep them in the fridge.

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