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Fortuna plums

Plump, luscious organic plums. After you’ve eaten your fill straight from the fruit bowl, consider poaching with honey and vanilla, simmering into a compote or heaping in a pie or crumble. They work well in savoury dishes too – cutting through the richness of meat in a chicken liver salad or cooked down into a sauce.


Country of origin

Produced in
  • Spain

How to prepare

Before cooking, halve plums from top to bottom then tease out the stone with a small sharp knife. They make wonderful traditional puddings, from crumble and sponges to pies. One of our favourites is Kirsty’s shortbread with roasted plums in orange, honey and cinnamon.


Plums will ripen in the fruit bowl, but if you do not plan to eat them straight away, store in the fridge until ripe. Eat as soon as they’re ready - they’re ripe when they give a little when squeezed.

Straight from the farm, so please wash before eating. Eat at room temperature for the best flavour.

You can freeze plums – cut in half, remove the stone, freeze flat on a tray then place in bags.

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