Persimmon fruit

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Organic persimmon fruit (or kaki fruit) have sweet, fragrant, orange flesh, similar to ripe nectarines in texture. Ours are grown in the south of Spain by Joaquin Perez, who has been growing flavoursome organic fruit for more than 10 years. The season is short, from mid-October to early December – a sweet mouthful of sunshine just as winter settles in to stay.

The only part that can’t be eaten is the stubby green-leaved stalk tops. The taut, smooth skin is edible, although it can be lightly peeled off if you prefer. The flesh is seedless, so the whole thing can be munched on.

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Country of origin

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  • Spain

How to prepare

Persimmon fruit are best eaten fresh, while they’re still fairly firm. There’s no need to peel – you can eat the skin.

As well as making a great snack, they can be sliced and used in salads and bakes, or as a colourful addition to a cheeseboard. They make a great foil for cured meats or bitter leaves - try them sliced in a salad with radicchio or chicory, with blue cheese and toasted walnuts or hazelnuts. Use to top a pavlova, or dice in a variation on Eton mess. They’re also tasty cooked down to form the base of a fruit crumble. Try adding some desiccated coconut to the topping for a tropical twist.


This orange-fleshed fruit can be eaten when slightly firm and crisp, but is best with a little ripening. Store in your fruit bowl, transferring softening ones to the fridge. If you want to speed them along, put them in a paper bag with an apple; the ethylene released will speed up the ripening process.

Fresh from the farm, so please give them a wash before eating.

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