Mini watermelon Grown by Paco Lozano at Motril, Spain



Good things come in smaller packages when it comes to these mini melons. Ours come from our grower friends in France and Spain, where they can ripen naturally in the sun. We choose the smaller variety for their concentrated flavour: sweet, intensely fragrant and never watery. Plus they're easier to fit in the fridge! A thirst-quenching summer treat.

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  • Spain


Whole watermelons can keep 7 to 10 days at average room temperature and up to a week in hot weather. Keep cut watermelon in the fridge.

  • Grown by Paco Lozano, Motril, Spain

    Paco Lozano runs EcoSur along with his three brothers and has been working with Riverford for over ten years. They grow many of our tomatoes as well as mini watermelons, organic papaya, aubergines, a rainbow of pepper varieties and our first spring flush of french beans.

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