Marmalade kit

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Fill your house with the rich, tangy aroma of simmering marmalade – a perfect antidote to the winter blues. No need to have made marmalade before; the recipe we include is pretty foolproof.

We source many of our fragrant Seville oranges from our old friend Amadora Gahona in Seville, who has been growing oranges organically since 1986. Amadora’s soils are high in iron and phosphorus, which alongside the Sevilles’ natural fragrance and pectin levels, bring the unique bittersweet flavour to the oranges and, as Amadora says, results in “winning marmalades”.

This traditional variety is only available for a month or two each year, so stock your cupboard now.

Our marmalade kit contains: 1.5kg finest quality Seville oranges, two lemons, and our tried-and-tested recipe. You’ll need 1.5-2kg sugar, a muslin bag, and 8 standard jars (8oz).

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Countries of origin

Produced in
  • Italy
  • Spain
The fragrant fug of the process alone is enough to lift one out of the deepest of hibernal holes
- Bob Andrew, Riverford cook

How to prepare

The kit includes full cooking instructions. Search ‘Riverford marmalade’ on YouTube for our video with detailed tips. A great annual ritual to share with the family or friends; careful slicing makes all the difference to the look of the end product, and there is nothing like the bittersweet scent of bubbling marmalade.


Oranges and lemons can be kept in a cool room or the fridge for at least a week.


All produce is sold as Class II.

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