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Glossy organic cherries bursting with sweet, dark juices - a highlight of the summer. Terrific for nibbling as they come, or adding a flourish to ice cream, cake and puddings. These are the star of clafoutis, always a popular choice at our Riverford Field Kitchen restaurant – as an added bonus, it’s one of the simplest summer puddings to make.

Country of origin

Produced in
  • Spain
Not only for sweet stuff. Cherries stand up well to long, slow cooking with meats like pork and lamb
- Riverford cooks

How to prepare

Cherries brighten up a fruit salad, and can be used to top tarts, or as a filling for cakes and pancakes. A favourite pudding in the Field Kitchen is cherry clafoutis.


Cherries are best kept in the fridge, but bring them to room temperature before eating for flavour. These come straight from the farm, so they will need a wash. Wait until you’re ready to eat them first, though – otherwise the moisture will encourage the fruit to spoil.

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