Bergamot lemons Grown by ProNatura at Perpignan

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No ordinary lemon, this rare citrus fruit is a little star. The size of a satsuma, intoxicatingly aromatic, sweet-sour in flavour and bursting with juice. You may recognise its exotic floral fragrance – bergamot oil is what gives Earl Grey tea its perfumed flavour.

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Country of origin

Produced in
  • Italy
The grated zest can subtly flavour cakes, biscuits, mousses and ice creams
- Riverford cooks

How to prepare

Squeeze over pancakes, steep in hot water for a refreshing tea, use in salad dressings or to make sweet curd, sorbet or marmalade. A little tip: roll a lemon back and forth between your hands before using, and you'll be able to squeeze more juice.


Lemons can be kept in a cool room or the fridge for at least a week.


Our lemons are sold as class 2. This means that they might not look cosmetically perfect, but they are grown for the very best flavour.

  • Grown by ProNatura, Perpignan

    ProNatura coordinate production and support for 1500 small-scale organic farmers, not only in their native France, but also further afield in Europe, West Africa and the Caribbean. They supply Riverford with a wide range of fresh fruit likes grapes, lemons, oranges and figs.

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