Bananas Grown by Savid Dominicana at Hispañiola, Dominican Republic

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Our bananas come from the pioneering plantations of Savid Dominicana: specialist banana growers who, under the expert eye of agronomist and founder Jetta ven den Berg, combine state-of-the-art technology with a profound respect for nature. Everyone gets a fair deal, with good working conditions and pay for farmers and workers alike. Imported by boat (never airfreighted), it takes four or five weeks for the bananas to travel from the plant to your fruit bowl – by which time they should be just ripe.

Rather than pursuing the perfect bend or length, our bananas are chosen for their sweet, creamy flavour.

Country of origin

Produced in
  • The Dominican Republic

How to prepare

Of course these organic bananas make a brilliant portable snack – nature’s packaging at its best. Don’t let overripe bananas go to waste; they mash best when their skins begin to speckle. Use in banana bread, muffins or cakes, or blended into smoothies.


Bananas will continue to ripen in a fruit bowl and will cause other fruit to ripen faster.

  • Grown by Savid Dominicana, Hispañiola, Dominican Republic

    Most of our bananas are grown by Savid Dominicana, founded in 1994 by the agronomist Jetta Van den Berg. Jetta is a real ethical banana pioneer; she established not only the first organic farm in the Dominican Republic, but also the first to achieve Fairtrade certification.

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