Riverford Wicked Leeks

off to a good start

We are happy to report that week one of deliveries went very well and we managed to get 200 boxes to the right doorsteps on the right days. Now we are in the swing of things and confident that we can take on more box deliveries, we hope to mirror the experience of our sister farms who were astonished by the dramatic increase in customers through word of mouth once the first boxes were delivered from their farms. What customers seem to want to share is the joy of eating fresh seasonal produce, a sad rarity in recent years, and the great personal service of the local distributors.

In the fields the weather has presented some challenges and our immediate concern turns to the cauliflowers that are reaching maturity. Caulis come with good natural protection in their tall, strong outer leaves but as they reach a size between a golf ball and a tennis ball they become quite susceptible to disease or frost damage. If rain gets past the outer leaves onto the cauliflowers and then freezes it can damage them. Alternating spells of warm and cold weather, common of the past 6 weeks, can cause those tight, white heads to suddenly open up and try to flower almost before your eyes. We don