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Núñez de prado extra virgin flowers olive oil 500ml

Núñez de prado extra virgin flowers olive oil 500ml


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A fine extra virgin olive oil with a lustrous green tint and a fresh, grassy aroma. The blend of three Andalucian olives – Picual, Picudo and Hojiblanca – is stone milled, rather than cold pressed, allowing the oil to drip from the crushed fruit naturally. The result is an exceptionally pure olive oil with low acidity and a distinctive smooth flavour with hints of citrus, almonds and apples and a subtle peppery kick.

olive oil recipe ideas

A foodie’s delight, Núñez de Prado organic olive oil is an oil to be savoured. Drizzle generously over salads, entrées, vegetables, pasta dishes, grilled meats and fish, or simply enjoy with good crusty bread and a lick of sea salt.

storage instructions

keep out of direct sunlight.

suitable for vegans.

about the Núñez de Prado family

The Núñez de Prado family has been providing premier extra virgin olive oil, from a single family estate in Baena, Spain, for over 200 years and were pioneers in organic farming. Each bottle contains extra virgin olive oil produced by skilled craftsmen and made with handpicked olives from the family’s Frías, Santo Toribio, Taquina, and Gastaceite groves. It is left unfiltered to allow for a greater depth of flavour.