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organic box seeks leafy greens

Monday 10th May 2010

The first two weeks in June are really tricky...

The understandable perception, triggered by lots of summer sunshine, is that there are plenty of local vegetables to choose from in the fields. The reality is that we sit on the edge of the beginning of the season for many of the key crops that are grown on the farm.

Our own bunched carrots, new potatoes, broccoli, pointed cabbage, Chinese cabbage and salad onions are all about one week away from harvest and we have just started with our own bunched onions. In the meantime there is almost a complete lack of leafy greens. Planning is a complete nightmare and it is just so difficult to keep the boxes looking as full as we do for the rest of the year.

Inevitably we end up having to bring in more fruit and veg from overseas during June to keep things varied and the boxes looking nice and full. In the early years of delivering boxes we pondered closing down for a few weeks at this time of year, but in the end we decided this would just force customers towards imported (and often air freighted) product in the supermarkets. So we have decided to continue to face the challenges that these few weeks pose while looking forward to the bounty of produce from the farm that begins in earnest from the third week of June.

Peter and Jo-anne Richardson

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