Riverford Wicked Leeks

unremitting rain, royal carrots and the price of sanity

Monday 10th May 2010

The unremitting rain continues. I will resist subjecting you to a second week of farming woe, but, believe me, it is bad: plague, pestilence and flood, but most of all mud and frustration at not being able to get on with the planting. As I write, we are loading up some leek plants but the skies are ominously dark. The forecast changes every time I click on, so we just have to make the most of any chances that we get.

The Price of Sanity: Managing Director wanted

Twenty one years ago, after two years in a snappy suit, I came back to the farm because I was hating life behind a desk. At least it is now my desk, and I can wear what I like, but for the good of my sanity I need to get back to the fields. Riverford and its three regional siblings, River Nene, River Swale, and now Norton in Hampshire, have grown to a stage where we need some more formal business disciplines to regiment the blind enthusiasm that has got us this far. We are looking for someone with broad business experience to bring structure and clarity without eroding the enthusiasm and personal character of the business. I am advised that I need to pay way more than I have ever paid myself, but such is the price of sanity. More details of the post, based in Devon, on the website or through charlottetickle@riverford.co.uk.

Royal carrots, local food and supermarkets

The supermarkets are all falling over themselves to tell us about the local food they are offering, so I thought I