Riverford Wicked Leeks

waiting for it to grow

Monday 10th May 2010

With growth all but stopped for the month there is not much to pick and it is too early for planting. In previous years we would be busy cutting cauliflowers for our co-op members who have favoured fields running down to the coast, where the mild air from the sea gives a measure of protection from frost. Over the years, as they have learned more, they have been able to manage their own crops which leaves us with some welcome breathing space to catch up on all the jobs that normally get shunted to the bottom of the list in our busy ten month season. January will now be month of mending rabbit fences, planting trees and scrapping the piles of machinery that have piled up over the years of indulgences at farm sales and realising crazy ideas in the workshop.

The end is nigh

Every year my father delivers his Christmas cheer with another heavy, weighty tome describing the impending downfall of our planet normally as a result of multinational corporations and our collective folly. This year it was