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river nene seeks perfect packaging

Monday 10th May 2010

The amount of packaging we need to use is always a contentious topic at River Nene. We try our hardest to avoid packaging but we have to balance this with making sure that our fruit and vegetables get to you in the freshest possible state. We have taken big strides with our boxes and the River Nene punnets. The boxes were designed specifically for us so that they could be easily collapsed at the same time as being strong enough to be reused a number of times. Our aim is to get at least four trips out of each box. When we started looking for appropriate punnets we could only really find plastic non-degradable ones, like the type you tend to find housing strawberries and tomatoes in the supermarket. To get away from these we worked with a packaging company to design our own reconstituted biodegradable paper pulp punnets. It