Riverford Wicked Leeks

moving + shaking

I’m sitting here in the sunshine; hopefully summer’s here. It has been absolutely manic on the farm. We’ve been planting brassicas, weeding the maincrop carrots, our onions and leeks are in and our bunched carrots are about three weeks away. Irrigation starts tomorrow. At Newby Wiske we’ve been quite lucky but eight miles away at Danby Wiske where we’re growing potatoes and broccoli there has been no rain of any significance, so we need to help things along a bit.

There is plenty of new season veg on the horizon. Broad beans start in a week or so, along with kohl rabi and pointed cabbage and the runner beans will get caned up in a few days once we’ve done a final weed run on them. We’re moving and shaking and really feel like we’re doing something; the crops are looking well.

On a sad note, asparagus has come to an end. After the last cut we let the spears grow up into ferns to put the energy back into the roots for next year’s crop. We’ll probably be able to pick for an extra two weeks next year, but as a young crop this year we couldn’t go too hard on it. Asparagus is known as a difficult crop to grow organically but we were encouraged by the end result and I think we’ve done pretty well at our maiden attempt. I know what I’m doing now and will be a lot more confident for next year. We might even put a bit more in next spring.

We’re also gearing up for the arrival of our Travelling Field Kitchen in August. Based on the award-winning Field Kitchen restaurant at Riverford in Devon, the travelling version is making its way around the country this summer in a giant yurt, serving up freshly-cooked food from the fields around it. It started its journey at our sister farm in Hampshire, before moving onto London and Peterborough and will pitch up at Home Farm between 5th-15th August for lunch and supper. The food is getting glowing reviews. If you want to taste Riverford veg at its best book your places now. Find out more on our website and to book call 0845 367 1155 or 01803 762062. 

Peter Richardson