Riverford Wicked Leeks

more mud...

It is still raining and we are still up to our axles and knees in mud. One low after another rushes in from the Atlantic, with the windows of fair weather in between being too short to allow the soil to dry. The persistent south and south-westerly winds, though always wet, are at least warm so everything is still growing well and there is an abundance of green veg for the boxes. We have never picked so many sprouts in October and November. Apart from the mud my main concern is that with so many crops coming ahead of schedule, we will be struggling to fill the boxes in January and February.

I am sorry that there has been so much mud on some of the roots. We would normally put them over a brusher to remove the worst of the clods but they have been so wet that this has not worked. The obvious answer is to wash them; something I have always resisted because it damages their skins and leads to rapid loss of flavour. I am wondering if we are being a bit too dogmatic.

Our co-op members, with carrots still in the ground, are getting very nervous as the tops start to die back while it is too wet to move with the harvester. If the tops get too weak we will have to go back to lifting by hand