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Mini watermelon

Mini watermelon


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Good things come in smaller packages when it comes to these mini melons. Our friend Paco Lozano grows them on the coast of southern Spain, where they can ripen naturally in the sun. We choose the smaller variety for their concentrated flavour: sweet, intensely fragrant – and never watery. Plus they’re easier to fit in the fridge! A thirst-quenching summer treat.


Whole watermelons can keep 7 to 10 days at average room temperature and up to a week in hot weather. Keep cut watermelon in the fridge.

Country of origin

Grown in Spain.

BBQ tips

The only reason to BBQ a watermelon is to add to the taste. They don’t need cooking in any real way. In fact, they suffer if left on the heat for too long. Cut your melon into quarters, lengthways. Then cut the quarters into 2cm thick slices. You can cook them sweet or savoury. For sweet, give each side a light sprinkle of brown sugar. For savoury, rub lightly with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Cook them straight on the griddle over a high, direct heat so that they get dark, distinct griddle marks in as short as time as possible; about 1 min a side should do. Try serving with limes, chilli and honey, or feta and torn mint.