Riverford Wicked Leeks

Meet the team

The success of our business relies on the work of our franchise owners. Our friendly and professional support team are committed to helping you grow your business and achieve your goals. We’ll guide you through our business planning process, ensure you have all the information you need to establish if Riverford is the right career choice, and assist you as much as possible in getting your business off the ground.

Working with a dedicated business development manager, you’ll put together a robust business plan to follow through your 5-year term. We provide full and comprehensive training and on-going support in all areas of your business, from operations to marketing, sales to business development.



Nigel Loveridge

I’m Nigel, the Franchise Manager for the network and the Business Development Manager for the South West and South Wales region. I’m based at Wash Farm in South Devon.

I’ve had the pleasure of working at Riverford for just over nine years now. As a boy, my father encouraged me to grow my own produce and showed me how to do this in the most natural way possible: organically. It also helped me earn some extra pocket money! When a role came up at Riverford, it provided a great opportunity to combine my previous commercial experience with a passion of mine. It was a (perfect) match, made in Devon!

I have a love of the great outdoors, especially the sea, and a passion for good food; something I am lucky to be surrounded by all day at Riverford.

Managing my two roles at Riverford can be likened a bit to being Mrs Doubtfire, but without the prosthetic face. My role in the Franchise Team is to help guide candidates through our structured recruitment process, making it as stress-free and useful as possible, so that they can make a very informed decision as to whether running their own business is the right thing for them. We appreciate it’s a big step! My role as Business Development Manager is to provide ongoing commercial support to new business owners in the South West, and help develop their businesses.



Gail Jordain

I’m Gail, the franchise executive here at Riverford.

I joined Riverford in May 2008, initially as part of the customer services team. I quickly learnt that aside from the contact with customers, I massively enjoyed the daily interactions I had with our franchise owners. So, I spent some time helping the previous Franchise Manager with the odd job and when a full-time role became available and I was lucky enough to be considered for it. I genuinely, absolutely love my job.

When I’m not enjoying myself at Riverford, you’ll find me either out jogging or walking my Jack Russell along the coast, which I live right by. I’m a Devon girl through and through and am grateful that I work on a beautiful farm and live by the sea.

I’m also a massive Sci-Fi and fantasy fan; I believe there’s room for both Star Trek and Star Wars and nobody should have to pledge allegiance to either one!

When I’m not outside or watching Sci-Fi, I’ll be painting, sketching or reading (Terry Pratchett books being my favourite).

I’ll be your first point of contact, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask me any questions that you have.



David Simpson

I’m David, the Business Development Manager for the Midlands and the North, based at home in the Yorkshire Dales. Since joining Riverford in 2016, I have worked closely with the franchise owners in the region. I often travel around meeting with franchisees, as well as making the occasional trip to our base at Wash Farm in Devon.

When I’m not working, I’m with my family. My wife, my two young daughters and I love being outside, whether that’s summer BBQs, walks in the fells, going for an early morning run or going for a wander with a picnic somewhere. When the weather’s not quite good enough for that, I indulge in my love of cooking, occasional TV boxsets (ahem) and reading.

Riverford has proved to be exactly the company I thought it would be when I joined – the team is great, the surroundings are beautiful, and the food is something else!

As a franchise owner, you’d be working with me to build a successful and profitable business. I’m never more than a phone call away.




Ben Speed

I’m Ben, the Business Development Manager for London and the South East. I’m based in South East London, but travel to our Hampshire office and Wash Farm regularly.

I joined Riverford in October 2011 so have seen lots of changes at Riverford over the years.

The franchisees I work with range from businesses doing an average of 300 deliveries per week, to those running multimillion-pound territories with fleets of vans and admin staff. Both have their individual challenges, so it keeps me busy!

When not out visiting the farms or franchisees, I have three children who take up my attention. My wife and I spend much of our summers at music festivals and generally escaping the city.

Working at Riverford feel like you are part of something special. I love coming down to Devon and seeing Wash Farm, especially in the spring when everything is coming to life. I’m still a passionate veg box customer and love receiving my box each week and deciding what I’m going to cook.