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Mascarpone 200g

Mascarpone 200g


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It’s the only organic mascarpone to be made in England and we think you’ll find it very different to the supermarket offerings, which contain citric acid.

This Italian-style cheese is mild enough to enrich without overwhelming and it’s good in both sweet and savoury dishes. A key ingredient for tiramisu and cheesecake, a dollop of mascarpone is also useful for adding creaminess to risotto, thickening pasta sauce or stuffing ravioli. For a sumptuous breakfast spread it on toast and top with summer berries, figs or jam.

Run by Guy Watson’s brother Oliver, the dairy has 270 mixed breed cows that graze the farm in rotation with our crops. They also eat any leftover veg that are not quite good enough for our customers’ boxes.

Their grazing land is planted with care, combining complex grasses with high protein plants like clover, lucerne and chicory. Not only does this replenish the soil, it also supports the health of the cows and gives their milk a uniquely rich, creamy taste.


Keep in the fridge for up to 5 days.