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Lamb’s lettuce (also known as mâche) is a soft salad green with a delicately tangy flavour. A speciality of the Nantes region of western France, it’s grown for us by Frédéric Montazel and his team in the nearby Vendée. A lovely fresh addition to winter salads – or lightly wilt into soups, curries and sauces.

How to store lamb’s lettuce

Delivered from our farm, so wash before cooking. Best kept in the fridge and eaten within a couple of days.

How to cook lamb’s lettuce

Use raw in salads, or wilt into cooked dishes for a burst of tender green freshness.

Lamb’s lettuce season

Lamb’s lettuce can survive morning frosts, but needs a coastal climate that alternates between rainy periods and bright sunny spells. It is in season from October to April.

Grower Info

These little leaves are grown by Frédéric Montazel – a neighbour of Guy’s farm in the Vendée region of France. Frédéric’s farm, Le Rive Bio, is in the Breton marsh about 10km from the ocean. Growing on about 20 hectares, Frédéric and his small team of 6 specialise in organic lamb’s lettuce from October to April, and then young organic leaves (including spinach for us!) from May to October.

Country of origin

Grown in France.