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Limequats 250g

Limequats 250g


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When we last visited Enrique Vallejo and his sons on their small organic citrus farm near Malaga, they let us have a nibble of their latest experimental crops – and we were most impressed by these tasty little hybrids. Aromatic and tangy-sweet, limequats can be eaten whole; shiny skin, seeds and all. Enjoy raw, cook into a fragrant chutney, or use the juice and rind to flavour any number of drinks and dishes.


No need to prep; limequats are edible whole, including the sweet, fragrant skin and small seeds inside. They can be used in most recipes that call for kumquats – as a starter for 10, visit riverford.co.uk/recipes and search for ‘kumquat’ for some inspiring dessert ideas.


Limequats can be kept in a cool room or the fridge for at least a week.

Country of origin

Grown in Spain.

Grower Info

These organic limquats are grown by Enrique Vallejo and his son Juan on their small-scale organic citrus farm in the north of Spain, just outside Malaga. Their fields are abundant with grapefruit, oranges, clementines, lemons – as well as experimental new varieties. A few of us went over to Spain to meet Enrique and Juan, as well as other Spanish growers old and new – read all about it on our blog.