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Lentil sprouts 200g

Lentil sprouts 200g


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Organic sprouted lentils (grown for just a few days before harvesting) are plump and very tasty, with a mild, nutty flavour. Instead of soaking lentils for eight hours then cooking away much of their goodness, sprouting allows you to enjoy them raw and crisp. There’s almost no dish where a handful of their fresh bite won’t be welcome.


Wash thoroughly before eating. Chuck them in just about everything: salads, stir-fries, sauces, pasta dishes, in burgers, mashed on toast… Or make a salad with lentil sprouts, sweet cherry tomatoes, red onion and a balsamic dressing.


Sprouts will last for a few days kept in the fridge.

Country of origin

Produced in the United Kingdom.