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Large meat box

Large meat box


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Our large meatbox is the best value way to enjoy the sensational flavour and texture of free-range organic meat. Packed with a wide variety of meat, each box includes a mix of easy-cooking cuts, a whole chicken and a roasting joint most weeks, enough to feed a large family over the course of 2-4 weeks. Great value for stocking up your freezer.

Delivered in insulated packaging to keep cool on your doorstep.

Box contents for week beginning Contents - 17th February 2020

Our box contents changes every week with the seasons, which means that we can't predict what will be in the boxes this far ahead. But check back at the end of the week before your delivery and you'll find them.

Whatever your mood, and whatever your schedule, our large organic meatbox will provide you with variety, choice and flavour. Busy day at work and need a healthy, tasty meal at the drop of a hat? Griddle lamb chops with a splash of olive oil and serve with a pile of mixed salad leaves and a crunchy slaw for a quick and easy supper. Looking forward to a lazy weekend? Chop up some root veg, toss in seasoned oil and pop into the roasting tray with your pork roasting joint. Leave for 2 hours and you’ll have beautifully tender meat, crispy crackling and golden caramelised veg infused with tasty meat juices.

All of our meat is sourced from small scale approved organic producers whose animals enjoy the highest welfare standards. In fact, we are proud to have received awards for our ethical sourcing from both the RSPCA and Compassion in World Farming. Our poultry and animals are reared in the traditional way: in free range groups that roam and graze on organic pasture. They reach maturity slowly and naturally which, we think, makes the meat particularly tasty. The meat is then carefully hung and matured, for flavour and tenderness, before being prepared by our own skilled team of butchers.

Many customers tell us that once they’ve experienced the exceptional flavour and quality of our meat, they’re unwilling to compromise with cheaper meat from the supermarket. And it’s important to them to know that their meat comes from animals that have been raised with care. They often supplement their meat order with a box of our seasonal organic veg.