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Large british cheese box

Large british cheese box


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Seven of the very best organic cheeses we’ve tasted. Godminster’s waxed vintage cheddar and vintage smoked cheddar truckles, traditional Welsh caerffili, creamy brie, and gooey Golden Cenarth. To finish the feast, Cropwell Bishop’s superb Stilton and the special blue caerffili Perl Las Blue. All bases covered – a proper Christmas treat! Serves 8+.


Golden cenarth semi-soft cheese 200g

Godminster vintage smoked cheddar 200g

Caws cenarth perl las blue 150g

Cropwell Bishop stilton 200g

Godminster vintage cheddar truckle 200g

Caws cenarth caerffili 200g

Caws Cenarth brie 200g


Keep in the fridge. Best eaten at room temperature. Best before date will be after Christmas Day.

Please tell us where to leave this product if you are not in – it needs to be kept chilled to maintain its quality. A cool box in a shady spot works well.

About the producers.

The cheese comes from small-scale British organic producers, who make their cheese carefully by hand using traditional methods.


Golden cenarth semi-soft cheese: Pasteurised cows milk, sea salt*, vegetarian rennet, cultures*.

Godminster vintage smoked cheddar: Pasteurised cows milk, starter cultures, vegetarian rennet, salt* (1.8%).

Caws cenarth perl las blue: Pasteurised cows milk, sea salt*, vegetarian rennet, culture, penicillium roqueforti.

Cropwell Bishop stilton: Pasteurised cows' milk, salt* (2%), cultures, vegetarian rennet.

Godminster vintage cheddar truckle: Pasteurised cows' milk, salt*, cultures, vegetarian rennet.

Caws cenarth caerffili: Pasteurised cows milk, vegetarian rennet, sea salt*, milk cultures.

Caws Cenarth brie: Pasteurised cows' milk, salt*, vegetarian rennet, starter cultures.

Allergens in bold.
* non-organic

Suitable for vegetarians.