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One of the weirder looking vegetables that we grow, we’ve heard kohlrabi described as everything from an alien to a Mr Man, a Teletubby to Mike from Monsters Inc. If that encourages children to try it, so much the better! Kohlrabi has a sweet, peppery succulence and is one of the most underrated veg out there.


To prepare, trim off any stems, trim the base, and lightly peel. For boiling, braising and roasting, cut into chunky wedges or batons. For eating raw, kohlrabi is best grated or cut into very thin slices or matchsticks.

Raw kohlrabi is fantastic in salads and slaws, a bit like a radish. Like most veg, you can boil it into soup, toss into stir-fries, or add it to stews 30-40 mins before the end of cooking. Or for an easy side dish, toss with oil and seasoning and roast at 210˚C/Gas 7 for 30 mins.


Keep in the fridge, remove leaves to retain moisture.

Country of origin

Grown in Spain.

How to cook kohlrabi

To prepare your kohlrabi, trim off the top leaves and stems, trim the base and if it’s large, peel the outer leaves. Young kohlrabi should not need peeling but older skin is best peeled. Stir-fry, steam or boil. Can be eaten raw.