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A crisp, juicy vegetable with a mild, slightly sweet radish-like flavour. Kohlrabi skin can be light green or purple – the refreshing taste is just the same. Use raw in salads and slaws, or add to gratins and bakes. The leaves are good in stir-fries too.

Still not sure what to do with it? Watch our 30 second video below.

How to cook kohlrabi

To prepare your kohlrabi, trim off the top leaves and stems, trim the base and if it’s large, peel the outer leaves. Young kohlrabi should not need peeling but older skin is best peeled. Stir-fry, steam or boil. Can be eaten raw.

How to store kohlrabi

Keep in the fridge, remove leaves to retain moisture.


May to June.

More info

Originally bred from the wild cabbage plant, this vegetable will grow almost anywhere. Hold it upside down and it looks like something out of Monsters Inc.

Country of origin

Grown in the United Kingdom.