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Mini King Edward potatoes 1kg

Mini King Edward potatoes 1kg


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These little spuds are far too tasty to go to waste. King Edward potatoes are tricky to grow organically at the best of times, but it’s been a poor growing season and many are coming through very small. Despite their size, they still have the wonderful flavour and fluffy texture that makes them our favourite variety for roasting.

To save time, don’t bother peeling them. Our chef Kirsty’s tips are to parboil, shake to rough up the edges, and roast in hot oil for temptingly crunchy skins.

How to store King Edward potatoes

Keep in the paper bag we deliver them in, somewhere cool and dark.

Organic potato farmer

Grown in Devon, by Neil and Gary Farley. Their farm has just the right soil for the job: fine and sandy, so that it is still diggable in winter. Rather than hurrying the potatoes out of the ground before it hardens up, they can leave them to grow until the last possible moment, getting more flavoursome all the while.