Jerusalem artichokes 750g

Jerusalem artichokes 750g


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Knobbly little roots with a sweet, nutty flavour. They’re a fantastic homegrown vegetable – a doddle for us to grow and versatile for you in the kitchen. Roast, mash, use in soups or slice thinly and eat raw in salads.

How to store jerusalem artichokes

In early winter, they’ll keep for several weeks in a cool, damp place. In spring, keep them in the fridge, ideally in a perforated bag, to delay sprouting.

How to cook jerusalem artichokes

No need to peel – just soak and give them a good scrub. Once cut, they turn brown quickly, so put them in cold water with a squeeze of lemon. To roast, toss with a little oil, spread on a baking tray with garlic, thyme and seasoning and cook at 200℃ for 30 mins. For a comforting soup, fry an onion, add thinly sliced jerusalem artichokes and stock, then simmer for 20 mins. Blend, season and stir in a little cream. Or try them raw, sliced thinly in salads.

Jerusalem artichoke season

In season through winter and into early spring. Just in time for all those warming wintry stews and soups.

Organic jerusalem artichoke farmer

We grow jerusalem artichokes on our farm in Devon. They’re a great native crop and thrive in the British climate.

This hardy root is absolutely no relation to the globe artichokes - it's name is thought to come from 'girasole', Italian for sunflower. They produce bright yellow flowers in late September. A great veg for little boys to enjoy as these artichokes can cause flatulance. Very easy to grow at Riverford, we'd love it if everyone ate jerusalem artichokes all winter!