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it's official - organic food is better for you

Common sense and science do not always make good bedfellows. In the 80s we were reliably told by the then Tory government that there was no scientific evidence to suggest that feeding the remains of cows back to cows was cause for concern. A few years later British Agriculture was in the midst of its biggest ever crisis, as BSE brought farming to its knees and cost numerous lives.

Over the last ten years science and government policy have again conflicted with common sense. In 2000 the chairman of the Food Standards Agency, Sir John Krebs, declared on the BBC that organic food was no more nutritious and healthy than conventionally produced food. Early this year the then Environment Secretary, David Miliband, reiterated this position stating that there is no evidence to suggest organic food might be better for you.

This reluctance of scientists and presumably intelligent members of the cabinet to be able to apply common science to a scenario, even in the absence of research, has always frustrated organic growers. Apples still fell from the tree before Newton discovered gravity.

This week it was fantastic to hear the findings of one of the biggest research projects ever undertaken to investigate the health implications of different methods of farming. The