Riverford Wicked Leeks

irrigation irritation

We’ve still had no rain of any consequence and a month of 4am starts with the irrigator is wearing a bit thin. I’m quite a football fan but now the World Cup is over and I didn’t see a single game in its entirety. There’s always four years’ time I suppose. I did get to see parts of the England games but I had to go out and irrigate in between – although that was possibly a good thing.

As well as all the irrigation we are planting and harvesting madly. Cabbage, broccoli and autumn caulis have all gone in today, ready for the boxes around September or October. We are harvesting courgettes, broad beans and have just started on broccoli; and we’re due to start bunched onions and carrots next week. Also on next week’s harvesting schedule is a variety of new potato called Novella. They are a great salad potato and one of the best to eat, with an exquisite flavour – well worth watching out for.

Jo-ann and I had a much-needed night out last week as we took a small group down to Riverford on Sacrewell Farm in Peterborough to try out the Travelling Field Kitchen where it’s currently pitched, before it makes its way further north to us. The restaurant in a yurt is based on the original Field Kitchen restaurant at Riverford in Devon, which gets rave reviews from the general public and food critics alike. I have to say that the travelling version was absolutely superb. We had lamb with white beans and spinach with lots of different vegetable side dishes, followed by a whole range of traditional puddings; a real feast. After ample portions of seasonal food and wine I settled down to a good night’s sleep – before the body clock went off at 4am ready for the irrigator (I went for a walk round the garden instead). The Travelling Field Kitchen was a really good experience though; I’m looking forward to it coming here next month and I’d definitely recommend that you come along. It will be at Home Farm between 5th-15th August serving lunch and dinner. To find out more visit our website and to book call 0845 367 1155 or 01803 762062. I hope we’ll see you there.

Peter Richardson