Riverford Wicked Leeks

into the hungry gap....

The next four to six weeks will be the most difficult of the year for us as we scour the fields of Devon, England, Southern Europe and even North Africa in an attempt to keep the boxes full, varied and of good quality. When we started the box scheme twelve years ago I used to encourage our less committed customers to take a break from the boxes as the old crops finished, until the new crops really got going in June. Over the years we have got better at stretching our own seasons, by putting up tunnels and establishing trading relationships with growers in France, Spain and Morocco. Combined with just a little tolerance and leeway from you, our customers, we should be able to bridge the gap and maintain an acceptable standard through to the start of the new crop.

Imports are of course, a compromise from what a box scheme should be about, and a few purists will shudder in their sandals but I can