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Hungry Gap kale 250g

Hungry Gap kale 250g


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The Hungry Gap is the period in April, May and early June, after winter crops have dwindled but before the new spring crops are ready to harvest. It’s a lean time on UK farms… but this late-cropping kale variety offers a welcome glimmer of homegrown greens.

Hungry Gap kale has tender, lightly frilled leaves on a robust rib. Sweet and delicate, it can be used raw in salads or whizzed into green smoothies. Or cook as you would other kales: wilted as a simple side or added to hearty peasant-style soups and stews.

How to store Hungry Gap kale

Delivered from the farm, so wash before eating. Best kept in the fridge and eaten within a few days.

How to cook Hungry Gap kale

To prepare, strip away the leaves from any tough, thick stalks: pinch the stalk at the base and pull upwards, so the leaves shear away with ease. Cook for just a few mins to retain a good colour and texture; excessive cooking will give you soggy greens.

Hungry Gap kale season

This reliable kale variety is harvested in April.

Grower Info

Grown by our organic farming cooperative, the South Devon Organic Producers.

Country of origin

Grown in the United Kingdom,