How does it work?

Whether you’ve always wanted to run your own business, need a change of career, or even a relocation, we think that our partnering opportunities tick all the right (veg!) boxes.

Enjoy the challenge of growing your own business with first class business support and training from our experienced team. You’ll be looking after a loyal customer base and also spread the word to new ones.

A Riverford partnership provides the opportunity to become a valued and trusted member of your community, together with excellent earning potential, and joining us could be as good for you as it is for your customers.

The Riverford business model

The Riverford business model is based on franchising. This mitigates the risk of setting up on your own because you get plenty of support from head office and many banks favour it too. We have 4 farms across the country and a number of distribution hubs.

It’s not just fruit and veg that we supply. Our 70+ franchisees now sell an ever-expanding range of organic produce, from meat, milk and eggs to baked goods, juice and wine, as well as recipe boxes. It’s great for our customers but just as beneficial for our franchisees too - you’ll have even more opportunities to grow your business and profits.

Your daily orders will be processed centrally at your regional farm then picked, packed and dispatched overnight in chilled vehicles to refrigerated collection hubs near you, keeping everything nice and fresh. You’ll manage marketing activities, events, customers’ accounts and orders through an extranet database, linking our offices to yours at home. It’s an easy system to learn and use and all you’ll need is a broadband connection at home and an up to date computer.

Your customers

Most customers order weekly or fortnightly, so there’s plenty of repeat business as long as you continue to provide an excellent service. Sales generally come from regular satisfied customers who’ll pay weekly or before their delivery, so your business will be ‘cash rich’ from day one.

Naturally, like us, you’ll want to build your business too. So we’ll expect you to devote plenty of time to spreading the word about our fruit and vegetables, service and philosophy, securing a steady stream of new customers along the way whilst continuing to provide your regulars with an unbeatable experience.

Interested? Have a look at the territories available now.

You can contact the Franchise Team any time by email, phone 01803 227380 or online.