Hot chilli sauce

£2.70 / 240ml


We make this with freshly-picked red Serenade chillies from the farm. Adding just the right proportions of spicy aromatic ginger and sweet pungent garlic enhance the heat and flavour. Due to the nature of fresh chillies, the strength may vary slightly between batches. However, this hot chilli sauce is definitely not for the faint-hearted!.

Handmade by our own team in the Riverford Farm Shop kitchen. Guy’s brother Ben Watson, with his encyclopedic knowledge of food, is the inspiration behind the recipes. Ben’s team runs a busy production kitchen on our farm in Devon. We make everything by hand and put flavour first – if it doesn’t taste outstanding, we’ll keep working on it until it does. Our organic pies, tarts, soups and marmalade have won awards in national taste tests.


once opened, keep refrigerated.

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