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Horseradish x1

Horseradish x1


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Fresh organic horseradish root, packed with that classic hot, peppery flavour. A member of the mustard family, it’s not surprising horseradish has a powerful kick. Grating it might make your eyes water, but it’s worth it for the flavour! In season in autumn and winter, horseradish can bring aromatic heat to cold-weather cooking – particularly anything involving beef or beetroots.


To prepare fresh horseradish, peel off the brown skin, then shred or grate as needed. Grated into crème fraiche with a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkling of herbs for the perfect fresh accompaniment to roast beef. It’s also good with root veg (especially beetroot, a classic combination in Poland), and a small grating will bring your Bloody Marys to life.


Place in a plastic bag and keep in the fridge or freeze.

Country of origin

Grown in Austria.