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Hobbs house large wild sourdough 800g

Hobbs house large wild sourdough 800g


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A multi award-wining yeast and dairy-free sourdough. It takes its name from the wild yeasts from which the dough is raised, producing a flavour filled crust, moist and chewy centre, and an irresistible sourdough taste. A very pure but flavourful bread. Winner of Artisanal Loaf of the Year 2009, British Baking Awards and Winner of Organic Loaf of the Year Award 2008.


Shipton Mill wheat flour (56%), Shipton Mill rye flour (2%), water*, sea salt*, (*non organic). Risen with a 56 year old sourdough culture.

suitable for vegans.

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Established in 1920 in the Cotswolds, Hobbs House is a truly family business and is proud to have five generations of baking experience.

Using traditional methods, our expert team of bakers continue to produce an exceptional range of award winning breads, pastries and confectionery to the very highest standards.

Hobbs House Bakery can chart five generations of bakers in the family, from early 20th Century roots in Gloucestershire right through to Tom Herbert, sales director and father of 4 aspiring, potentially 6th generation bakers.

Born with flour on their fingers, generations of Hobbs House Bakery's directors bring their ingrained passion for baking to work everyday, to uphold the noble lineage, and ensure that there is a solid future for REAL BREAD. At Hobbs House Bakery we love baking. We maintain the best of our tradition whilst embracing the greatest of what modern technology and thinking has to offer. As a company we are focused, well trained, and passionate about the bread we produce. storage The Wild White is at its best on day three, will keep well for a week, and freezes exceptionally well.