Riverford Wicked Leeks

High weald dairy

High Weald Dairy supply us with organic halloumi and organic sheep's cheese

They are are a family run dairy, based on an organic dairy farm in West Sussex. They have won awards for their range of cheeses from organic cows milk, conventional and organic sheep milk.

The sheep milk is supplied by several sheep milking units, the largest milking over 700 ewes twice every day. The cheese is all made in their modern dairy.

High weald halloumi 150g

An irresistibly moreish halloumi, authentically made using organic sheep’s milk. Once dry-fried or grilled, this flavourful cheese transforms into a marshmallow-like texture with a crisp outside.

Sussex slipcote soft sheep's cheese 100g

Sussex Slipcote cheese is light, fresh and creamy in texture with a slightly sharp lemony taste. Mild and soft, it is made with pasteurised sheep’s milk.

Sussex slipcote with garlic & herbs 100g

Mild, spreadable sheep’s milk soft cheese with garlic and herbs. Fresh tasting, light and slightly sharp. Irresistible spread on crusty bread, crumbled over salad or melted into a jacket potato.

High weald saint giles 150g

A Port Salut-style semi-soft cheese with a rich, buttery texture. A cheese for all the family, with a mild, creamy flavour. Its edible orange coating is made from organic carrot!