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Head of Pest Control

Following the untimely demise of your predecessor, we are urgently seeking an individual with a hunger to lead the battle against pests on our organic farm.

You will lead a team of thousands, travelling to different locations at a moment’s notice, to fight aphid or cutworm attacks on our vegetables. You must be on call to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The summer is especially busy, though we give you winters off.

You must maintain your integrity and may not resort to cheating with chemicals; artificial pesticides are forbidden at Riverford. Plus you may struggle to open the bottle.

On our farm, Mother Nature is the boss. You will need an understanding of how you fit into this complex and well established workforce. Benefits include diverse colleagues, spacious accommodation and all meals are provided.

Is this the job for you?

Pesticides are affecting human health and destroying nature, but we believe it’s possible to grow food without them. Instead of using chemical sprays on our veg, we encourage and sometimes release the native ladybirds that feed on pests. That’s why they’re such an important part of the workforce. #naturenotnasties

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