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Savid Dominicana

Most of our bananas are grown by Savid Dominicana, founded in 1994 by the agronomist Jetta Van den Berg. Jetta is a real ethical banana pioneer; she established not only the first organic farm in the Dominican Republic, but also the first to achieve Fairtrade certification.

Savid Dominicana has two banana plantations: Quinta Pasadena, and Hacienda Paso Robles. These organic farms use a traditional mixed system (i.e. rearing livestock as well as plant crops), with cows and goats roaming the plantations and providing rich natural fertiliser for the banana plants.

At the heart of Jetta's innovative approach is the combination of state-of-the-art technology with a profound respect for nature. Savid Dominicana uses an irrigation system that's up to 50% more efficient than standard practice, saving huge amounts of water. Half of each farm's area is given over as protected land, to serve as natural habitats for local wildlife, including many species of birds.

Care for people, as well as the planet, is vitally important. Savid Dominicana has long been certified Fairtrade, paying living wages to their staff, and providing pensions and health insurance for all.

Find out more about how Savid grow our organic bananas in this short video:

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