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Brown Cow Organics

Brown Cow Organics – otherwise known as Judith and Clive Freane of Perridge Farm, Somerset. Together with their small team, they look after a herd of 160 beautiful Guernsey cows, tending 400 organic acres on the southern slopes of the Mendip Hills, and produce some seriously good yoghurt.

It all started in the late ‘90s. Judith had spent the past two years adventuring around New Zealand, Australia and Canada. On Australia’s Magnetic Island, she met Clive. Somerset must have seemed far away… Until her father gave her the opportunity to take over the family farm.

“I had no qualifications in agriculture, and in fact I don’t think that I had ever been in the milking parlour!” says Judith. Never put off by a challenge, she got stuck in, learning from scratch how to milk the cows. A while later, she married Clive, who was a graduate of agricultural college. Together they dreamed up Brown Cow, and developed Perridge Farm into the multi award-winning organic powerhouse it is today.

Now Naomi, their youngest daughter, is repeating history some 35 years later. Naomi spent seven years travelling the world, then working in the NHS in Liverpool, before returning home in autumn 2020 to take on the challenge of learning to milk the cows (albeit in a brand new milking parlour, able to milk 160 cows in two hour; the same time it used to take Judith to milk just 35 cows). And yes, she also makes the yoghurt.

The cows really live the life. They are milked just once a day each morning, before wandering out to grass, chewing their cud and generally looking rather smug for the rest of the day. Their diet is a myriad of grasses, herbs and clovers – and such diverse natural food means there is no need for added concentrate. With an ethos of less-and-better milk, the Brown Cows in question live long, healthy lives. The additional benefits of this sustainable approach to farming can be seen all over their 89 fields, each surrounded by ancient hedgerows literally teaming with wildlife, flora and fauna.

The milk from these happy, grass-fed cows is what makes the Brown Cow Organics yoghurts so good. Never homogenised, and lightly pasteurised, it’s rich, thick, and packed full of flavour.

All in all, it’s no wonder Brown Cow Organics has won such a fantastic shower of awards, including multiple Great Taste wins, Compassion in World Farming’s ‘Good Dairy’ award, Champions in Sustainable Farming Award, Boom Organic Food Awards and various TV appearances along the way.

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