Green pesto

£4.95 / 175g


It’s suitable for vegans and, because it’s made from a double-concentrate recipe of basil and pine nuts, a little of it will go a very long way. Add extra olive oil to suit your taste. Pesto is a friend to all pasta dishes: stir a spoonful into steaming spaghetti for an easy weeknight dinner. A little drizzle is a good way to freshen soups or add piquancy to a pile of roasted veg. The easiest meal of all is just to spread it on toast (ripe tomatoes and creamy mozzarella optional).

  1. 100% organic Absolutely everything we grow, make and sell is organic.
  2. Free delivery Your friendly local veg team delivers straight to your door, for free.
  3. No need to be in Just tell us where you’d like us to leave your delivery… we can take a key, too.


Once you’ve opened it, keep your pesto in the fridge and finish it within a couple of weeks. You can improve its shelf life by covering what’s left with a glug of olive oil.

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