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Golden kiwi fruit x4

Golden kiwi fruit x4


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Golden kiwi fruits are a more delicate affair than green varieties: sweeter in flavour, with the distinct kiwi flavour but less of a tangy kick. The skin is thin and smooth (no fuzz!) and the soft flesh is golden yellow. Sweet and striking in fruit salads or atop the peaks of a pavlova ? or simply halve the fruit and dig straight in with a spoon. If you don?t mind the texture, you can even eat the skin for added goodness.


Store in a fruit bowl or fridge when ripe. Delivered fresh from the farm, so wash before eating.


Our kiwis are sold as class 2. This means that they might not look cosmetically perfect, but they are grown for the very best flavour. (We have to tell you this to satisfy some EU rules).

Country of origin

Grown in Italy.