Geo organics worcester sauce

£2.75 / 150ml


Unlike the traditional recipe, this one isn’t based on anchovies, so it’s good for vegans and vegetarians, and it’s also gluten-free. This spicy dark brown sauce is a near-essential for two classic recipes: Bloody Marys and Welsh rarebit (posh cheese on toast). The subtle combination of molasses, vinegar and spices also makes it a great secret ingredient to enhance other recipes. Use a tablespoonful to boost the richness of casseroles and pies, especially those with beef, as in shepherd’s pie and beef and ale pie. Deepen soups and sauces, or add piquancy by sprinkling over chops and pork sausages.

  1. 100% organic Absolutely everything we grow, make and sell is organic.
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  3. No need to be in Just tell us where you’d like us to leave your delivery… we can take a key, too.


Once opened, this will last for a very long time if you keep it in the fridge or in a cool cupboard.

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