Riverford Wicked Leeks

Changes to the way we take payments

What’s changing?


In his weekly news, Guy has been keeping you updated about our journey to bring more of what we do, including IT, in-house. It gives us more control and more accountability to you. As a result, we’re changing our relationship with our payment provider, WorldPay. We are changing from the WorldPay Business Gateway (FuturePay) to the WorldPay Corporate Gateway.


What's a payment gateway?


A ‘payment gateway’ is the method by which all online transactions are transferred between the customer’s bank and the seller's bank. Every time you buy anything online (from Amazon to Waitrose), your transaction is processed via a payment gateway.


Why are you changing?


The Corporate Gateway allows us to create a payment process that more accurately matches the relationship we have with our customers – recurring payments for organic food deliveries.


How is it better for customers?


You will get a better and more simplified experience, every time you shop with us.

Less confusion - you'll no longer receive complicated emails from WorldPay, often in the middle of the night.

More control - you can update your details within your existing Riverford account. You no longer need to sign in to a separate WorldPay account or call Customer Services.

Flexibility - as we operate in many areas across the country, it's now much easier for us to update your account if you move house.


Do I need to do anything?


No, just keep enjoying your Riverford deliveries.

You will receive an email from WorldPay letting you know that your FuturePay agreement has ended – but it simply means that your account has been changed to the new Corporate Gateway . We're changing customers to the Corporate Gateway in batches, and we’ll let you know by email when it's your turn.


Will my card details be shared or transferred?


No. As we're still using WorldPay, your payment information is as secure as it's always been.


How secure is your payment process?


To maintain the highest level of security, we never store, or have visibility of, your card details.

We use a method called client-side encryption to take your card details. This means that your card details are encrypted on your device before they are sent to Riverford. This encrypted format is sent to our payment provider (WorldPay) ensuring that we are never able to see your card details.

Our payment provider gives us a ‘token’ (a bit like a code) which can only be used to take payment from your card to a Riverford bank account. If this token were stolen it would be of no value to anyone else; it can only be used by Riverford to take a payment from your card.