Riverford Wicked Leeks

family affair

The recent warm and sunny weather has been wonderful for ripening the sweetcorn and squash. It is a race against time to get them ripe before the first frost which can be expected any time in early October. Both crops love calm, sunny weather but the flavour of the corn seems to be excellent this year and there should be plenty in the boxes over the next month.

All our onions have been lifted and are drying in windrows out in the fields. The crop which had looked disastrous, has turned out not to be so bad after all. Our main problem is that in the damp southwest they always get mildew, which attacks and kills the leaves before the bulb is fully mature. This reduces the yield and even more significantly means that they do not get a chance to form a natural seal around the neck which makes them more prone to those smelly grey rots which you may have encountered in your kitchen. Should we persist in growing onions at a cost of about